Career counsellors are one of the essential actors for implementing the policies addressed to people with disabilities, as they support them in their job search and help them to get motivated for learning and ‘find their way’ about the many and often not known existing possibilities for re-skilling and validation of not formal and informal learning. Unfortunately in many European countries career counsellors´ training happens mostly on the job, hence the need for a targeted activity of training focused on career counsellors working with people with disabilities.

Casebooks are very powerful tool for learning !

This project wants to increase the efficacy of career counselling delivered to people with disabilities by developing a casebook addressed to career counsellors working with them, and a set of additional tools to ease and spread its use. These will be two E-courses, one targeted to career counsellors and the other one to trainers of career counsellors. For developing the Casebook, every partner will collect and describe a number of case studies of career counselling.

The Casebook will confront learners with a set of questions: are there some recognizable, “generalizable” challenges in people with disabilities? What are and how to better overcome the barriers to the labour market and to education and training? Are there strategies that seem more effective and competences that are helpful? How can we better motivate and accompany people in mobility situations and in adaptation techniques through a personal guiding process that understands the condition of disability?